How Google Search Influences 2020 Elections: Presented by 'Campaigns & Elections'

NEW YORKMay 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Political campaigns, rewriting the playbook in a post-COVID world, are rapidly discovering that optimizing Google search is one of the most important tactics as Senate, Congressional and statewide races enter the homestretch.

Lumentus Lightbox, a new technology platform that empowers professional communicators and campaign staff to streamline and standardize search result analysis and identify strengths and weaknesses in their candidates’ online profile, is participating in an upcoming webinar produced by “Campaigns & Elections,” the political campaign industry magazine.

Geared primarily for political campaign managers, strategists and consultants at national, statewide and regional races, the webinar, scheduled for 11 a.m. to noon EDT on Thursday, May 14, highlights both the importance of optimizing Google search and providing simple and dynamic recommendations to help them achieve the best results.

“As campaigns face a social distancing environment without rallies or door-knocking, they must connect with voters, supporters and donors online,” said Jesse Jacobs, chief operating officer of Lightbox. “Even TV spots and social media ads only send potential supporters to their phones or computers to learn more. Lightbox offers campaigns the ability to tap the power of search to raise their profiles, strengthen their reputations and engage more deeply with supporters online.”

“Journalists and influential bloggers also depend on search to perform their research on candidates and even campaign staff,” Jacobs added. “Campaign search results are their front doors. Staff and strategists need to know not only what appears in the first listings — but why. Lightbox provides the answers and a roadmap to improvement.”

Campaign managers and staff, political strategists and all communication professionals are invited to view the event. The webinar will be moderated by Shane D’Aprile, co-owner and co-publisher, “Campaigns and Elections.” Panelists are Jesse Jacobs, COO, Lumentus Lightbox and Chris Sonzogni, Business Marketing Director, SmartAsset, former journalist and digital search expert.