Search Results Intelligence, Monitoring and Analysis

When potential clients, business partners, investors or key stakeholders search your company’s name or those of your organization’s top executives are you confident of the results? You must ensure that your “digital front door” is what you want to present to the world. Do you have the tools required to help navigate the complexities of modern search engines and implement solutions if your online profile does not meet your objectives?

Lightbox Search provides corporate communicators and their agencies with a better, faster and more revealing way to analyze, protect and strengthen their online search results.

Discover How Your Search Results Define You in Different Locations

Search engines consider your geographic location and browser history when generating search results. This means the same exact search may yield dramatically different results depending on who ran the search and where they were at the time.

Only Lightbox Search gives you the power to analyze and strengthen search results for any audience, anywhere from a central location.

Track Changes to Search Result Sentiment Over Time

Lightbox Search automatically ranks the position of search results and simplifies the assignment of positive, neutral or negative sentiment.

Generate Visually Compelling Reports for Clients or Stakeholders

Lightbox Search reports provide understandable analyses of search results with dynamic data visualizations. A user-friendly file management system makes it easy to organize reports and share them with colleagues or clients.

Identify and Monitor Relevant Keywords and Search Terms

Lightbox Search tracks and ranks the most common related terms and phrases  to your initial search and reveals the search volume and trend data of each. This feature helps users identify which keywords or phrases are significant drivers of traffic if the terms they search are better known by an acronym, shortened name or other variation.

Visualize Historical Data and Timelines

Lightbox Search synthesizes and displays historical results from prior saved reports on digestible, interactive timelines. This information is critical to assessing improvements or negative changes from month to month, week to week or even day to day.

Measure Digital Health

The proprietary Lightbox Search score, computed by scientifically weighting and valuing a host of key metrics provides an instant measurement of “digital health,” similar to an individual’s FICO score. The score allows you to instantly see the strength or weakness of your online reputation.

Find and Isolate Specific Results within a Search

Filtered search or a “search within a search” is a powerful function that allows users to hone in on a specific event, topic or keywords in the context of the broader search. A company that maintains several divisions or units would be able to see how references to a specific event within a unit impacts overall brand reputation.

Analyze search results for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

A user-friendly dashboard aggregates custom results from a host of sources in real-time to present critical search engine data points that provide a clear view of search results and reveal the underlying reasons they are displayed in the order that they appear.

Test Hypothetical Outcomes and Build Proposals

A unique “drag and drop” feature allows users to predict how proposed actions are likely to affect the Lightbox Search score. The feature won’t actually change the results, but it will demonstrate if remediation or additional optimization efforts will achieve your objectives. Combined with Lightbox Search’s easy report generation users can drag and drop results to create quick and attractive pitches and proposals.

Relevance Rank

The Relevance Rank is a proprietary score invented by Lightbox Search that measures the relevance or “staying power” of a specific link. While a high score demonstrates the strength of a search result, a low score could suggest opportunities for optimization and further content improvements.

Keyword Match Identifier

Lightbox Search searches for keyword matches in the page title and URLs of search results. Ensure owned content includes your firm’s or organization’s desired keywords, proper names and likely variations. Are key executives, brands and branded subsidiaries fully optimized?

Load Speed Calculator

Search engines favor results that load quickly and provide them higher search positioning. This has become even more important as search engines place greater emphasis on mobile and tablet searches.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a metric that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Domain Authority ranges from one to 100 and higher scores correspond with a greater ability to rank highly in search results. Typically, sites with a large number of quality external links have a higher domain authority than those that don’t.

Backlink Tracker

A critical determinant for search result placement is the number and quality of other sites that link to your organization. The more connections, or backlinks the more likely the result will appear high in search.

SSL Certificate Finder

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, certificates are used by search engines to authenticate the “identity,” or control of a URL and encrypt the data that’s transmitted between a website and its visitors. This is a critical factor in ensuring your firm’s website appears at the top, or near the very top, of the first results displayed.