Frequently Asked Questions

Lightbox Search is a new, first-of-its kind technology that analyzes what you or your clients’ audiences find first: search results.

Lightbox Search displays those results with insights and analytics so you can understand why results appear higher or lower in search rankings. You can also generate vivid and easy-to-understand reports and benchmarks over time with a simple click.

No other technology platform aggregates and analyzes so many critical factors that determine the placement of search results in the actual context of how they appear.

Lightbox Search was built by professional communicators for professional communicators to help them ensure their or their client’s online results are optimal. Saving a report automatically archives the results so users can track progress on interactive charts with customizable date ranges.

Lightbox Search has been compared to an MRI or X-ray of search results.

It does not remediate or “fix” what appears in search, but is a diagnostic and tracking tool. Lightbox Search displays strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of search result listings. This analysis offers insights for the user and a roadmap for implementing solutions including: taking better control of owned content, creation of additional content, improved site optimization, more positive news coverage or additional websites or “schema” necessary to change and improve results.

No. Lightbox Search is not a traditional search engine optimization tool.

Lightbox Search illuminates the intersection of corporate communications, SEO, digital reputation management, public relations and marketing by supporting multiple facets of search result analysis. The platform also provides monitoring and reporting capabilities to further support any communications objective.

Lightbox Search was built uniquely for search results.

There are a host of services that track and analyze coverage across news media and social media networks. Lightbox Search was not designed to replace these services, but to provide communicators with the capacity to analyze, track and monitor search results as they actually appear, offering critical contextual information. Lightbox Search is not a traditional monitoring service, but it will aggregate some news and social media content as they populate in search results. 

Communications, crisis management, marketing and public relations agencies, corporate communications departments and brand managers say Lightbox Search is a game-changer.

Lightbox Search was created to save its users time and maximize their impact by aggregating critical data, standardizing search analysis procedures and streamlining report generation.

The Lightbox Score is a proprietary data point that measures the digital health of your search.

Users can generate scores for any keyword or phrase to analyze any search results for organizations, brands, firms, executives, topics and more. The score, which ranges from negative 100 to positive 100, is derived from a number of factors including the sentiment, strength and optimization of search results.

Yes. Users can upload logos and images to brand their reports.

Upon request, the Lightbox Score can also be customized and rebranded.

Lightbox Search is offered to clients as a stand-alone technology platform or as a managed service on an annual subscription basis.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of users and locations. Enterprise pricing allows large companies, associations and agencies to very economically provide the service to their divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates or across a range of clients.