Political Campaigns and Politicians

Build Name Recognition and Manage Online Reputations - AnywhereBuilding name recognition, especially for new candidates, is one of the most challenging aspects of any political campaign. It is equally challenging, yet more critical than ever, that candidates build strong search results to greet potential voters and donors who increasingly depend on Google for information. With Lightbox Search, users can deploy proprietary algorithms and geofilters to rapidly deconstruct search data from any location, even individual zip codes which can display wildly different results. Armed with that intelligence, campaign staff can then take steps to strengthen their candidate’s online profile. Drive Campaign Objectives with Powerful Online Profiles68% of website visitors arrive by way of online search. But what do they see in search results first? An unflattering story or news about competing candidates can divert engagement away from the positive content you’ve created. Even social media profiles of similarly named persons can derail campaign efforts to raise awareness – especially when they appear in top five positions which absorb 67% of clicks. Only five percent of searchers will see results on page two. Lightbox Search helps users interpret the factors that determine why one result outranks another and identify opportunities to build powerful online profiles that drive campaign objectives.

Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Departments:

Take Control of Page OneTrustworthy brands establish and maintain optimal search results. Lightbox Search illuminates the intersection of corporate communications, SEO, public relations and marketing. The crossroads of all of your communications efforts is search. One click can determine the lasting impression your organization makes to its audience. Make it count. Research, Monitor and Analyze Search Results for Your OrganizationA principal concern of professional communicators is to ensure their organizations are portrayed to the public, investors, clients or customers and employees in the best light. Negative news, competitor marketing, inaccurate business listings, similarly named companies appearing in the top search results and government or legal documents that appear above key company messaging can be damaging. The internet is intrinsically dynamic and the reemergence of negative news could be triggered by external events to appear in page one results.

Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Agencies:

Discover Opportunities to Expand Client ServiceExternal communications professionals are charged with developing and deploying websites, written and graphic content, video and other material to best present clients to their audiences. Building strong, stable search results should be the primary objective of those efforts. Lightbox Search reveals the factors that determine the ranking of search results empowering communicators to affect them. Simplify New Service Pitches and Results ReportingLightbox Search can help agencies identify strengths that can be magnified and weaknesses that can be mitigated and shed evidence-based light on what steps can be taken to ensure their clients are optimally presented. Lightbox Search can help you identify new service opportunities for clients by analyzing search results and displaying opportunities for content development, public relations efforts, and search engine optimization. Lightbox Search reports streamline proposal building and client reporting with vivid and concise overviews of brand health.

Corporate Advisory and Consulting Firms:

Offer a New Dimension of ServiceCorporate reputation is a board-level concern for publicly traded companies and critical to all organizations. Search results are a first stop for investors, journalists, clients and all other stakeholders. Traditional corporate advisory efforts, even basic audits, do not routinely assess online reputational risk. Lightbox can provide client-facing assessments of their reputation “health,” adding a new dimension to existing service offerings and support. Provide Expert Coverage and Security to your ClientsProvide your clients unique and sophisticated new insights and analysis into their online corporate reputations not found in social media management platforms or news and media monitoring services. Available as white-labeled, managed service Lightbox Search reputation experts will generate reports for you and your clients, analyze the data and translate the findings into actionable insights that your team - or ours - can act on.

Financial Services, Hedge Funds, Private Equity:

Research and Monitor Reputations As Much as Your InvestmentsReputation is critical to all organizations, but financial institutions, from large asset managers to small hedge funds, must ensure their search results strongly convey their missions, goals and objectives while promoting their integrity. 86% of investors say they take action on content they receive on line with 41% doing so at least weekly. Organizations must ensure any potentially controversial content, such as an activist campaign or executive departure, is in the context of prominent, up-to-date and accurate search listings. Analyze Content for Short and Long-term Impact MeasurementPrivate equity firms may also want to maintain a watch on their investments and assist them if negative situations arise. Lightbox Search helps evaluate the durability of individual search results to determine if they are likely to be long-term concerns requiring remediation or short-lived events likely to quickly pass and call for minimal engagements.

Health Systems and Hospital Networks:

Improve your online reputation where it mattersProspective patients research specific symptoms or treatments, while donors, community members and hospital employees are all critical stakeholders who search for hospitals and health systems by name. With Lightbox Search, users can better manage unrelated or negative content that can adversely affect stakeholder opinions and their decisions. Monitor and Strengthen Your Brand AmbassadorsA health system’s online image depends on the reputations of its affiliated hospitals, physicians and executives. The primary health system may control most of its search results, or have positive third-party news, reviews or other content, but associated organizations and individuals bearing the “parent” name may not have equally positive results. Lightbox Search offers a scalable platform to monitor and analyze search results across all its associated keywords and phrases.

Executive Search and Recruitment Agencies:

Uncover Threats and Discover OpportunitiesExecutive search firms and internal corporate recruiters must know how their potential recruits and career candidates appear online. A Lightbox Search feature, “Search Within Search” offers recruiters a fast and effective solution to assess a candidate’s public history as well as the prospect’s online reputation, avoiding extensive manual effort. Generate Visually Compelling, Easy-to-Understand ReportsThe Lightbox Search scoring system can help group, rank and filter candidates by reputation. Conversely, placement firms can measure prospective employers' reputations as their clients will search the results of companies and organizations recommended to them.