NEW YORKMay 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Managing and improving search results just became transparent, faster and more effective. Knowing how to better manage search results is a breakthrough new feature announced today by Lightbox Search, the only communications platform that instantly analyzes Google Search results. The Lightbox Search “Action Plan” provides real-time identification that reveals threats and opportunities and provides the user recommended steps to improve search results and online profiles.

“Google is the nation’s most trusted source of information,” said Jesse Jacobs, Chief Technology Officer of Lightbox Search. “We now give professional communicators the tools to not only monitor, review and better understand search results but our new technology provides custom action plans to help strengthen page one results or mitigate negative, incorrect or damaging information.”

Lightbox Search is the first and only platform to provide critical and actionable intelligence for monitoring and measuring Google search results. Online search, dominated by Google, has become the homepage for all businesses and organizations: 93 percent of all online experiences, and two-thirds of all website traffic, begin with search. Leveraging artificial intelligence, custom-built databases and proprietary algorithms, the intuitive platform offers historical tracking that demonstrates how results change — improve or decline — over time.

“The ‘Action Plan’ feature now provides real-time solutions for communicators to mitigate negative search results and also helps strengthen positive results,” said Jacobs. “We developed this feature by incorporating feedback from our many significant beta clients.”

“This tool was built by people who feel our pain and understand our problem,” said Joe Scannell, managing director and head of digital communications at Prosek Partners. “You have no idea how much time this platform saves – before we had to go to multiple platforms and really dig through to get what we needed.”

Lightbox Search offers free real-time search analysis for brands, companies, executives, political campaigns and associations. It was built specifically for professional communicators, drawing its data from dozens of complex SEO and SEM sources to provide public relations, public affairs and brand managers with understandable, actionable business intelligence.

Lightbox Search operates in 149 languages and can provide insights into local markets on a city-by-city or country-by-country basis. It offers automated monitoring and historical comparison tracking so users can easily prove ROI or measure changes over time.

It relies upon native language artificial intelligence provided by IBM’s Watson along with custom-designed databases and proprietary algorithms and reflects the input of dozens of beta users at agencies, corporations, healthcare systems and political campaigns.