Users Can Now Analyze Search Results by Location and in Their Local Languages

NEW YORKOct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Powerful new enhancements to Lightbox Search, a new search intelligence platform that simplifies complex search analytics used by communication and marketing professionals, now allows users to perform and score Google search engine results pages (SERPs) from cities, states or countries, to understand how local markets display results for companies, organizations, political campaigns or brands.

Lightbox Search can now perform global searches that detect and default to the proper native language of the user’s desired location. U.S. communications agencies with German clients, for example, can now enter German search terms and see accurate, location-based German results, as well as analyze the sentiment and “provenance” or domain of each result from a German perspective.

“Google results can vary significantly by location, leaving communicators with clients outside their immediate physical location ‘flying blind’. This poses unique challenges in the era of remote work,” said Jesse Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer of Lightbox Search. “Lightbox Search gives users the power to see entire search results pages from anywhere in the world, in their default language, layered with real-time SEO data that breaks it all down.”

SEO experts are well aware that Google results differ significantly for each user, based on their own search history and location. Lightbox Search performs an advanced incognito or “clean” search that is free of any past user behavior, like search history, that would impact search results. This unique process enables users to pre-determine the origin of their search providing them unique insights into any market.

“The ability to analyze search results and sentiment anywhere – from continents to cities –  enables users to detect precisely where opportunities and threats exist, and focus efforts to strengthen or remediate where new content or optimization is needed,” Jacobs added. “What’s more, our platform allows users to archive the search results separately by location and track performance over time.”

“Google search results are often the first impression a potential visitor, client, voter or investor sees,” Jacobs said. “Identifying all risks and opportunities associated with Google search is no longer a luxury, but an imperative to help ensure your client, candidate, company or executive maintains a strong reputation. After all, Google is the nation’s – and much of the world’s – most trusted and widely used medium for information.”