Digital Experts from RedHavas, Edelman, BCW, APCO, Ketchum, Foote and Evins Describe the Power of Search in Upcoming Webcast

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2022 – PR professionals and corporate communicators are recognizing that their strategies must encompass all forms of media, and yet too often, the most powerful and trusted source of news and information is overlooked. Google is now the first and last stop for those seeking to learn more and make decisions about companies, brands, executives, products, and services.

Embracing a search-centric approach to your PR and communications strategies is more than just publishing news releases or maintaining a corporate blog. Agencies must fully integrate search strategy into every facet of their campaigns. A panel of public relations experts explain that if their peers think they cannot influence Google, they are wrong – and they can do it themselves.

Lightbox Search, in conjunction with, will host a virtual roundtable of industry experts to explore how modern PR and corporate communications cross the intersection of SEO, SEM, content creation and earned media. The live webinar is set for Thursday, Feb. 24, from 1 p.m – 2 p.m EST.

The panelists include:

Lightbox Search is the first technology designed for communications professionals – not only SEO experts – to automatically monitor and analyze search engine results for corporations, organizations and executives. The technology now offers specific recommendations to strengthen or remediate digital footprints.

“The platform instantly transforms the SEO novice into an expert,” said Jesse Jacobs, chief technology officer at Lightbox Search. “Our technology reveals critical data, actionable insights, and our latest release provides actual recommendations to help you build positive, enduring search results and powerful online reputations.”

Lightbox Search was originally developed to provide public relations and corporate communications professionals the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of Google search results. Whether executives wanted to bolster their digital profiles or corporations were navigating a crisis, their communications staffs or agencies recognized the power of Google but struggled to monitor, analyze and affect results before Lightbox Search was introduced last year.

The webinar is free. Register for the CommPRO event via