Jim Gold headshot

Project Director

With his combination of multimedia skills, solid judgment and global communications experience, Jim ensures Lightbox Search connects with all of its audiences. As a Project Director at strategic communications firm Lumentus, he works with firm partners to ensure that all the moving parts of “Paid, Earned, Owned and Shared” client engagements are properly executed. He has utilized Lightbox Search since the platform’s inception in 2017 and provided important user experience feedback to developers.

Jim came to Lumentus after working in communications and managing roles at broadcast and film associations around the world. Mr. Gold served as operations director at Doha Film Institute, managing director at News Xchange, an organization where he conceived the idea of delivering international broadcast media conferences in several European cities on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union. He headed all aspects of developing, funding, marketing, programming and managing these highly successful, still-thriving events. News Xchange is still the world’s premier global broadcast and social media news event.

Jim previously provided consulting services specializing in global communications strategy, media relations and major event management and served as a vice president at Medialink, where he helped transition the corporate video services company from a New York start-up to an international firm. Early in his career, Jim worked in an editorial role at Morgan Stanley and started his career as a production coordinator at ABC News.

Mr. Gold graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in communications and still says “Go Blue” far too often.