August 4th, 2020

Lightbox Search Releases ‘The Ultimate Roadmap for Digital Agency Growth’

Pivot and adapt. Those are the buzzwords for many industries in 2020, but it’s perhaps most prevalent for digital communicators. Digital agencies are struggling against the strong headwinds of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the crisis is also creating opportunities for firms that are able to pivot and adapt.

Against this backdrop, a July 2020 Lightbox Search poll of 778 digital and PR professionals revealed the top challenges facing digital agencies:

Winning new business: 38%
Retaining clients: 31%
Managing with reduced staff: 31%

It is apparent that all three issues are impacting business.

So how do firms overcome these challenges?

One critical step is knowing how to harness the power of Google, one of the most trusted and recognizable brand names in America today. 100 million Americans now regularly rely on Google for everything–from news to facts to, yes, shopping–and that creates an enormous opportunity for digital marketers. And by the time you finish this blogpost, some 1.5 million Google searches will be conducted. 

With Google’s overwhelming market dominance, combined with how searches are now conducted, the front page of a Google search is the first impression your company, corporate leadership and reputation makes on target or general audiences. Measuring success of any innovation will begin and end with the strength, composition and staying power of strong and positive page one results. 

Lightbox Search recently published the “Ultimate Roadmap for Digital Agency Growth” that provides a wealth of key details to help retain clients, find new business and maximize your abilities with fewer staff. The Roadmap features valuable background, including:

  • Google and the current landscape
  • What’s happening on the agency front
  • Opportunities and ways to innovate
  • How to make the pivot and make sure your own agency stands out

What is Lightbox Search?

Lightbox Search is a new tech platform that analyzes, benchmarks and monitors Google search results. We help agencies identify strengths and mitigate threats to their clients’ digital profiles, uncovering new service opportunities for content development, public relations efforts and search engine optimization. Lightbox reports streamline proposal building and client reporting. The Lightbox Search platform may also be white-labelled for resale.

Whether it’s winning new business, retaining clients or doing more work with fewer staff, digital agencies must harness the power of Google to both promote their own firms and provide the top-level service to their current and prospective clients. Lightbox Search helps make that goal achievable and affordable in a way you may never have achieved before. 

To make sure your firm is doing all it can to keep up with post-Covid era challenges, download a free copy of the “Ultimate Roadmap for Digital Agency Growth” guide.