Crisis and Digital Reputation Management Webinar Series

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Manage Crisis Communication in a Climate of Chaos, Part 1

Crisis plans – and actions – must be dynamic and fluid as never before. At 8.5 billion searches per day, Google is the gateway to every brand, business, and organization. The journey your audience takes to reach your website, social media channels, or news release, almost always begins with a search. Your strategy must encompass all media, yet too often, the most powerful and trusted source of news and information is overlooked. If you think you can’t influence Google, you’re wrong – and you can do it yourself.

Manage Crisis Communication in a Climate of Chaos, Part 2

If the last few years have solidified any lessons for professional communicators, (pandemic, social justice, war, inflation, etc.) it’s the necessity of preparation, particularly in the modern digital landscape. Managing a crisis has never been more complex with communicators responsible for monitoring news coverage, social media activity, and search results. Watch as our panel of experts shares the importance of managing your peacetime effectively because once a crisis strikes – it’s already too late.

Unlock the Power of Search for Brands and Executives (Webinar)

At 8.5 billion Google searches per day, you’re either branded or you’re labeled.

Lightbox Search brought together the A-listers of the communications industry to take a deep dive into the search-centric approach agencies must take to serve their clients in 2022 and beyond.

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