August 19, 2021

The success of all of your digital efforts should begin and end with the strength, composition and staying power of your client’s page-one search results.

When Google launched in 1998, it was a simple indexing service for websites. Two decades later, it has morphed into a global information giant that is now the most credible and consulted information source in the world. Google is now a platform with rich results that are now considered influential content. Long gone are the days of searchers typing in a URL. Now the gateway to every brand, business and organization is Google. This is good news for you and your clients if you know how to analyze, interpret and benchmark those results quickly and easily and then take action.

Google search results are the most trusted source of news and information (even edging out social media and traditional media), as searchers consider the act of Googling their own research. Ensuring searchers find your clients’ positive content (easily on the first page of search) is a critical component of modern communications strategies

Not Convinced? These Google Search Facts Might Surprise You!


93% of all online experiences begin with search. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if your clients don’t control their search results, they’re missing out on valuable opportunities – or facing potential threats.


67% of all website visits begin with search, so gaining a top spot on Google is crucial, to both reputation management and capturing traffic. The top result on Google SERP will get ten times more organic traffic than the number ten result. In fact, moving one spot in the top ten search results will increase the click-through rate by an average of 31%.


Americans are consuming 60% more daily online content making it increasingly vital to understand how to craft content for success in search results


75,000 Google searches are conducted every second, which translates into 5.8 billion searches per day. A digital strategy that emphasizes the importance of Google search results will put your clients in the best position to generate news traffic, bolster their reputation and thrive through search.

If you want to control or improve search results, don't forget these rules:

Location, Location, Location: And We’re Not Talking Real Estate

Search results vary by location, based on where the searcher is physically located. What you see in your office isn’t necessarily what someone in the next town, city or state might see, let alone in a city around the world. Local search results are not just for individually owned businesses, but are important for companies – both big and small. The ability to monitor and analyze search results, and generate reports from various locations, simultaneously allows you to drill down and see exactly what your client’s audience sees. 

Staying Power: Threats and Opportunities

The lifecycle of a Google search result will far outlast news cycles and social media content. Not only will a top result offer your client more visibility, but potential opportunities for your agency as well. What does page one tell you? What percentage is owned or managed? What’s missing? And what threats may be lurking or opportunities are there to be found on page-one (and beyond!).

Harnessing the Power of Google: A Roadmap for Success

To harness the power of Google Search and leverage its value, search result intelligence is key. The ability to understand search results and take action that improves and strengthen your clients results is critical to their brand objectives and online reputations.

In Conclusion: Focus On Google Search

Whether it’s winning new business or uncovering missed opportunities for existing clients, now is the time to put a sharp focus on your client’s Google search results. Doing so will provide the critical solutions your clients need, show them how they fare against the competition and provide insights and analysis into their entire digital footprint.

Lightbox Search

Midwestern Pet Foods Recall Scandal Crisis
Lightbox Search Analysis of the Midwestern Pet Foods Recall

Lightbox Search, a new tech platform built for communication professionals, analyzes, benchmarks and monitors Google search results. We help agencies identify strengths and mitigate threats to their clients’ digital profiles, uncovering opportunities for content development, public relations efforts and search engine optimization. Additionally, Lightbox Search instantly creates vivid, shareable reports to streamline both proposal building and client reporting.

If you want to see how your clients stack up in search, sign up for a free trial today!

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Written By

Tracey Doull

Senior Digital Media Consultant
Leveraging her 20 years of experience as a public relations and communications professional, Tracey manages client engagement, online marketing, digital strategy and content for Lightbox Search. Previously, Tracey served as Director of Media Relations at a global broadcast public relations firm both in the New York and London offices. Tracey holds a bachelor of science degree from Syracuse University in Speech Communication.