Managing a Crisis in Search Results with Experts from IBM, Edelman, MikeWorldWide, APCO, LEVICK, Vested [Webinar]

Learn to Manage a Crisis in Search Results:
You can now view our roundtable of communications industry leaders as they discuss why search results are the first casualty and your top priority in a crisis.

Event Description:

If the last few years have solidified any lessons for professional communicators, (pandemic, social justice, war, inflation, etc.) it’s the necessity of preparation, particularly in the modern digital landscape. Managing a crisis has never been more complex with communicators responsible for monitoring news coverage, social media activity, and search results. Watch as our panel of experts shares the importance of managing your peacetime effectively because once a crisis strikes – it’s already too late.

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Event Hosted by: Fay Shapiro | Founder, Publisher, CEO,

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