Managing a Crisis in Search Results with Experts from IBM, Edelman, MikeWorldWide, APCO, LEVICK, Vested [Webinar]

Learn to Manage a Crisis in Search Results:
You can now view our roundtable of communications industry leaders as they discuss why search results are the first casualty and your top priority in a crisis.

Event Description:

CRISIS. The word strikes fear in the hearts of executives and boardrooms. It seems there’s a crisis every day in 2022 and the current seismic events are not one-day wonders, but rolling, long-term landscape changes. An active volcano comes to mind.

Crisis plans – and actions – must be dynamic and fluid as never before. At 5.6 billion searches per day, Google is the gateway to every brand, business, and organization. The journey your audience takes to reach your website, social media channels, or news release, almost always begins with a search. Your strategy must encompass all media, yet too often, the most powerful and trusted source of news and information is overlooked. If you think you can’t influence Google, you’re wrong – and you can do it yourself.

While news coverage, social media sentiment and Twitter trends all remain critical for professional communicators to monitor and potentially modulate, search results top them all for immediate impact.

Professional communicators must cover all bases: news coverage, social media activity – and search results. Every conduit with the public and stakeholders is dynamic on a minute-by-minute, even second-by-second basis. Constant analysis of your search results must be a part of your crisis plan.

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