September 9th, 2020

bryan bridges pull quote

Q: How has Lightbox Search helped you in your role at Majestic?

A: Lightbox Search helps me understand what our customers, prospects, and other stakeholders see when they search for us. I can use the information to improve website SEO, plan for earned media pitches, and develop strategy for social media and third-party profiles.

Q: What did you achieve or learn using Lightbox Search?

A: Lightbox Search helps me determine the best ways to optimize all of my websites’ performance for search results and how to promote the results I want on page one of Google.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to monitor search results?

A: I get real insight into search results for various search iterations and I can measure progress over time. I have never found a tech platform that offers that ability.

Q: What are your favorite Lightbox Search features?

A: The ability to save searches. I also like to see searches in specific geographies, even when they are state-by-state or city-by-city. And I have all the data sets I need to analyze my websites in one place.

Q: How does Lightbox Search fit into your schedule or routine?

A: For me, it takes just a few minutes to run my searches and categorize the results for scoring. I only need to do this once a month; if I were in a different industry, I might do it weekly.

Q: What about Lightbox Search makes it unique compared to other tools you’ve used

A: It’s easy and intuitive to use because everybody is familiar with the layout of a Google search. I’ve seen other systems, but they are complicated to use and not easy to interpret. With Lightbox Search I can quickly send reports to my executives and they immediately understand what they see without any need for presentation or explanation.

Bryan Bridges is a veteran communications and marketing strategist with extensive agency and in-house experience. Bridges has a successful history of leading digital and social media efforts to drive branding, public relations, reputation, and employee engagement for large consumer brands, non-profit organizations, financial services firms and Fortune 500 companies. Bridges also is a recognized expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

Currently, Bridges serves as Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing and Communications at Majestic Steel USA, where he leads brand marketing, communications and media relations. Majestic is a large privately held distributor and processer of flat-rolled steel. Majestic a leader in the domestic steel industry, operating throughout North America by serving clients with manufacturing, construction and distribution.