Backlinks are links from one website to another. While that may sound trivial, backlinks are anything but. In fact, backlinks are the backbone of great SEO. 

In a world where SEO can make or break reputations, backlinks are a critical ranking factor used by Google to determine what results searchers will see. Backlinks, also sometimes referred to as “external” or “inbound” links, act as third-party validation, signaling to Google that your content should be easily found.

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Why are Backlinks So important?

  • Backlinks help your content rank higher on search engines
  • Creating backlinks to new content can help search engines find and index it more quickly
  • Quality backlinks, like within Wikipedia articles or press releases, can drive significant traffic
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Improve Search Engine Rankings with Backlink-Building Campaigns

Every day, 3.5 billion Google searches are performed; this statistic alone demonstrates the value of creating high-ranking content that can be found by a massive global audience. The first link in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 34.2% – making it approximately 13 times more likely to get clicked than a result in the 10th position. 

Lightbox Search was designed for agencies and clients to monitor, analyze and optimize their content in an entirely new, simple and instructive way. Our real-time analysis measures and benchmarks critical SEO data points, including page-level backlinks, scoring every result on the SERP automatically.

This process helps users rapidly identify opportunities for better search engine rankings while avoiding efforts of diminishing return, like building more links to content that already has an excellent number. 

Know the Difference: “Dofollow” vs “Nofollow”

  • Dofollow Backlinks: Dofollow backlinks are valuable as well as the most common backlink in SEO. Dofollow backlinks inform Google that the content on the link is important and useful. 
  • Nofollow Links: Nofollow links are not as valuable or as common. They are used to alert search engines to disregard a specific link.

How do I Build More Backlinks?

  1. Create “linkable” assets, such as] infographics, quizzes, and surveys that readers would want to share
  2. Create social media profiles with links to your content
  3. Submit guest blogs on sites like Medium
  4. Build profiles on industry appropriate directories (meaning g2 for tech and crunchbase for venture capital firms or professionals)
  5. Create content that can be used as a resource on sites like Wikipedia
  6. Issue news releases and link to your content 
  7. Reach out to journalists and pitch to the media 
  8. Consider a link building service

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