army8 and Lightbox Search Bring Search Intelligence to Integrated Marketing Platform

ATTLEBORO, Mass., Jan 12, 2022 – In an alliance designed to further empower communications agencies as well as freelance marketers, content producers, and media relations professionals, to provide the full breadth of services of larger firms, army8 and Lightbox Search today announced a formal partnership.

The army8 Pocket App connects and enables the freelancer community to seamlessly provide services and capabilities of far larger agencies with multiple departments of specialists. Created by a group of freelancers to give their peers the tools they need to grow and scale their own agency, the army8 Pocket app is the all-in-one communication and productivity tool to help them strategize and execute marketing campaigns for their clients. The powerful and growing network of freelancer specialists that are part of the app provides users with technology, tactical, and consulting capabilities typically found only at large, international firms. This allows freelancers to attract and retain more and bigger clients without the need for large, capital investments.

“When we created the army8 Pocket App, our goal was simple; to empower freelancers, offering them a single platform that provides all the tools they need to grow and scale an agency,” said Nate McKelvey, founder of army8. “Partnering with Lightbox Search further strengthens that goal by providing a seamless search results intelligence platform for streamlined SEO and reputation management.”

Lightbox Search is a first-of-its-kind technology that monitors and analyzes what audiences find first when searching for corporations, organizations, associations, or executives. Lightbox Search now will be a powerful tool available to all army8 Pocket App members, providing them with a unique capability to monitor, analyze and manage all-important search results for their clients on a local and global basis.

Lightbox Search displays those results with blended insights and analytics pulled from familiar monitoring, SEO, and SEM services, so communications professionals can understand why results appear higher or lower in search rankings. Lightbox Search is easily integrated into the workflow of any communicator and can generate vivid and easy-to-understand reports and graphics with a single click.

“No other technology platform aggregates and analyzes so many critical factors that determine the placement of search results in the actual context of how they appear, even for localized content,” said Jesse Jacobs, chief technology officer of Lightbox Search. “Lightbox Search was built by professional communicators for professional communicators to fill the gaps left by existing services and help them ensure their or their client’s online results are optimal.

The alliance provides army8 pocket app clients seamless access to Lightbox Search capabilities as part of their integrated service.

“Our large network is composed of the world’s best specialists and it’s their talent that help us know what’s new, what we should watch out for, and what we should avoid,” McKelvey added. “This is especially important in the constantly changing world of digital.”


Media Contact:

Jim Gold, Lightbox Search



Carla Higham, army8