A Communications Professional’s Online Toolbox

Now that 65 percent of website traffic is generated by search, and users rarely insert “www” into their phone or laptop, your reputation is determined by what search engines display. Whether you or your agency represent a strictly business-to-business company, a professional services firm or even an industry trade group, search results are what create that critical first impression, and continue to shape the perception of your brand thereafter.

Reputation Management

Lightbox Search offers clients the capability to analyze, strengthen and protect their online reputations. The user-friendly interface offers insights that make it simple to determine the strength of search results while gathering and displaying data that is essential to creating the most effective online profile.

Digital Health Score

Data Aggregation

Lightbox Search simplifies complex analytic tools and data sets used by search engine marketers, making them accessible to users in corporate communications, public relations, brand management and, yes, even marketing. By aggregating from an array of sophisticated data providers in the context of real search results, Lightbox Search saves users the time, effort and the frustration of managing multiple disparate tools and platforms.

Search Results Analysis

Content Optimization

Optimizing owned and managed content helps users take control of the first page of search results and improve their online reputation. Lightbox Search reveals the relevance of a result to your firm or client, organization or brand and identifies specific opportunities for improvement.

Relevance Rank

Reporting and Report Generation

Lightbox Search provides clients with reports that are comprehensive, vivid and easy to read. The reports organize and contextualize key information that can be shared with colleagues, clients or the corporate suite. Users can save reports to a flexible file management system and access or export them as needed.